Upload and Print Your Own Designs

Uploading and Printing Your Design

Cost: £6 per design (+ £3 p+p)

Please ensure the dimensions of your design allow it to fit inside the cube below. If a model is too big for the printing platform, it will be proportionally resized to allow for a suitable fit.

It would be preferred if your design didn’t require supports. If supports are unavoidable then they will remain on the final model for you to remove yourself.

Before you send your awesome design through for printing, please check the following:

  • Your design’s dimensions allow it to fit in the 8cm x 8cm x 8cm cube
  • You have exported your design as an STL file
  • You’re happy for your design to be printed in a single random colour
  • You’re happy that your design will be printed using the standard quality setting


Great! Please click here to complete your order. We are currently only shipping print orders within the UK. Once your order has been confirmed, please email your STL design file to hello@firstcoding.co.uk.

While You’re Here…

First Coding has been running 3d design and printing workshops and will be launching a regular 3d printing club in the Salisbury area very soon. Please check out the Weekend Computer Club for more details.