It’s been an exhausting week juggling both work and personal matters. Days like today remind me to appreciate the often overlooked things, especially when I’m busy keeping all the business plates spinning.

I’m fortunate to teach game design and create games to sell, all from an old converted WW2 bunker. This unique space has been transformed into a creative hub, complete with a recording studio and computer lab. We have little control over how it looks on the surface but underground is rather different as we’re slowing improving the place. You can take a quick look inside here:

During the last academic year, nearly 400 students (390 to be exact) came through First Coding. I’m currently assembling a game testing team of students to provide honest and constructive feedback to developers. We’re even planning to convert one of the Bunker’s rooms specifically for game testing. More updates on this to come.

If you’re a creative based in Salisbury and would like a tour of the Bunker, please do get in touch. We’ve already made some great connections in the community through game design talks, creative youth clubs and school invitations, and we’d love to connect with more people!