BWS Computer Club

After running the after school clubs online, it was nice to start this recent coding club at Bishop Wordsworth’s School in person. The club went online during lock down which was great but nothing quite beats having everyone in the classroom creating together.


The Game Ideas Generator

The workshops got off to a great start this week, in particular the BAFTA Young Game Designers course as students work towards creating their awesome games to enter into the national competition.

Do you find yourself stuck for inspiration when it comes to making games? We’ve put together the Ideas Generator to help you out. Just click on the link and hit the spin button to get a new, random game idea. Click here to spin.

Scratch Timers

As families will be playing their favourite traditional games over Christmas, an idea was hatched to look at building a variety of timers that people can use when playing. Here are three examples of our timers built using Scratch, they’re Super Mario themed!