Rain Soundboard

Here is a simple soundboard for you to try. Clicking on the numbers one at a time will play sound clips of rain. Pressing button 3 will allow you to add some wind chimes into the mix. My favourite combination of buttons is 2 and 3 together.


Soundboards such as this one are fun and easy to put together. Take a look inside at the blocks to see how you would add more sounds and backgrounds to this project.

First Coding - Rain Soundboard

When Planets Collide

As part of Space Month I wanted to use these colliding planets to illustrate how easy it is to incorporate random behaviour into any game you make. Take a look at the blocks and think about how to make it truly random. Maybe randomise the starting position and trajectory of each planet when the green flag is ticked?

Have a play here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/193035494

Space Month - When Planets Collide - Scratch

I love randomness in games, factoring it into the games you make means that even you (the game’s creator) doesn’t even know how the game is going to play out.

Scratch works best on a PC or laptop.

Superhero Month: The Invisible Maze

I’m laying down a challenge for Superhero Month. Spider-Man finds himself trapped in an invisible maze and needs your help to guide him out. See if you can use the arrow keys to direct him through the maze towards the star. If you touch any of the walls you’ll be made to restart the maze, so you’ll need to make good use of all your spidey senses. You can check out the game here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/197474723/

First Coding - Spider-Man's Invisible Maze

Superhero Month: Masks

As it’s the start of Superhero Month, we first need to select the mask we’re going to wear on our adventures. This is an easy program to build in Scratch, take a look at the blocks to see how the masks are controlled by a simple variable. How would we go about adding more masks? You can view the Superhero Mask project here.

How can we take it a step further and add a superhero name generator? Clue: Take a look back through last month’s spy projects.

Scratch works best on a laptop or pc.

First Coding - Superhero Month: Superhero Masks

January is Superhero Month

Happy New Year to everyone!

After the success of the spy themed projects last month, we’re continuing along a similar theme with January being Superhero Month. Don’t forget to check this blog and our Facebook page regularly to see what projects we’ve been working on.

It’s an exciting time for First Coding as we launch our creative coding courses for children, be sure to check them out on the website: http://www.firstcoding.co.uk/courses

First Coding Salisbury - Superhero Month

The Caesar Cipher App

Spy Month has been a great deal of fun especially seeing as though it’s been First Coding’s first monthly theme. The projects have generated a great deal of interest and I hope they’ve encouraged people to expand on the ideas we’ve shared.

The spy theme concludes with a rewrite of the Caesar Cipher project from earlier on in the month but this time built for Android. There are a few added extras with this one, mainly in the form of a more difficult code to crack as well as the option to send your coded message via text to a friend. It will also automatically decode any incoming coded texts too. If you don’t feel like typing then you can even talk to it and it will write and encode whatever you say.

Keep your eyes out for up and coming Android app workshops where we’ll be teaching people how to build their our apps the fun and easy way.

First Coding - Spy Month. Caesar Cipher for Android

Click here to download it and install the contents of the zip file onto your Android device. If you’re having trouble installing it then just drop us an email and we can guide you through the process.

Keep a look out for up and coming Android app workshops where we’ll be teaching people how to build their our apps the fun and easy way.

You can still catch up with the previous spy related projects by clicking here.