A Win for Team First Coding

Team First Coding entered a game concept idea built in Scratch and we won Esport Wales tshirts for all the team members! First Coding will shortly be releasing the summer holiday coding workshop dates, so if you’re interested in building a winning game in either Scratch or Python then please check on either the website or Facebook page for further details coming soon.

Fun Easter Workshops

This Easter has been very creative indeed as the holiday coding workshops come to an end ahead of the start of the school summer term. First Coding has not only been running tuition classes and Python workshops online but also there have been a series of face-to-face classes hosted in a variety of venues around Salisbury. Well done to everyone who came along and made their own arcade games, fruit machines and choose your own adventure challenges.

Whether it was online, in a bookshop or down a bunker, it was really nice to see children of all ages get creative this Easter. More importantly though, it was lovely to see parents get involved too as they learnt more about their children’s interests.

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A Coding Venue with a Difference

There’s excitement in the air as more face-to-face events start opening up. First Coding is really pleased to provided a four lesson python coding course based around our old favourite, the Choose Your Own Adventure games. Follow the link to find out more. This has to be one of the best venues First Coding has taught in – An old Cold War communications bunker, now converted to a youth centre to help develop creative skills.


Summer Holiday Workshops

The summer holidays are nearly here, which can only mean that it’s the return of the First Coding holiday workshops!

All hosted via Zoom, the workshops promise to help inspire and develop young coders’ skill set through interactive and fun sessions.

Scratch Workshop

This is a summer Scratch workshop with a difference and is suitable for 10 to 14 year olds. Do you know how to program in Scratch and would like to develop your skills further? Then this is the workshop for you, learn how to create interesting elements to your games such as points systems, enemy AI and even how to add gravity to your characters to achieve more realistic gameplay.

Date: Tuesday 10th August 2021 2pm – 4pm
Cost: £20
To book: hello@firstcoding.co.uk
This workshop will be hosted online via Zoom.

Python Workshop

We will be running the popular Ciphers and Secret Messages Python workshop. Aimed at 12 to 15 years olds, this 2 hour workshop will teach you about the history of ciphers and codes whilst learning how to write your own encoder and decoder program in Python.

Date: Wednesday 11th August 2021 2pm – 4pm
Cost: £20
To book: hello@firstcoding.co.uk
This workshop will be hosted online via Zoom.

App Building Workshop

Does your teen have a great idea for an app, but doesn’t know where to start? This is an introductory workshop for people to learn how to develop apps for Android devices. In this two hour workshop you will learn just how easy it is to get creating apps for your phone or tablet? Do you have an Android phone or maybe an old Kindle Fire lying around that needs new life breathing into it? Then this is the ideal workshop. Suitable for 12-16 year olds who are confident with computers.

Date: Tuesday 17th August 2021 2pm – 4pm
Cost: £20
To book: hello@firstcoding.co.uk
This workshop will be hosted online via Zoom.

Python School Groups

We continue this week with our popular Python school groups, looking at clever ways to code text-based Choose Your Own Adventure games. Already there are some great ideas forming and we look forward to seeing the results in a few weeks time. In the meantime, you can play one of First Coding’s adventure games where you must navigate a secret underground bunker, solving puzzles and looking for the source of the mysterious radio transmissions.

The game is called Number Station and you can play it online here: http://numberstation.co.uk/