BWS Computer Club

After running the after school clubs online, it was nice to start this recent coding club at Bishop Wordsworth’s School in person. The club went online during lock down which was great but nothing quite beats having everyone in the classroom creating together.


After School Coding Club

First Coding is very pleased to announce that we’ll be starting our popular after school coding club at Bishop Wordsworth’s School after the half term break. The club went online during lock down which was great but nothing quite beats having everyone in the classroom creating together.

School Group Workshops

First Coding works with several schools in the area and was happy to help when one approached us for ideas to keep their younger pupils occupied during the long summer break.

After the necessary parental permissions had been obtained and safeguarding actions taken, we launched the school’s online coding workshops which are currently running for the remainder of the holidays.

If you would like First Coding involved with your school then please pass on our details. Whether it’s group talks about technology, running after school clubs or teacher training, First Coding can help.

BWS Summer Coding Competition

First Coding is very pleased to announce the first of many coding competitions this summer. Today we have launched the Bishop Wordworth’s School competition and it’s open to coding club members past and present. There will be Amazon voucher prizes for the person who can solve the maze in the quickest time, as well as rewards for best effort too.

The task is all based around mazes with pupils attempting to code their own maze solving program. There will be a couple of tuition sessions available in the coming weeks to help people get up to speed – this means that regardless of age or ability, everyone has a chance. Last year we ran a similar competition at the school and a beginner won the top prize, so please consider entering!

New School Clubs

New online school clubs started this week. Over the next six weeks we’ll be looking at clever ways to program in Scratch before making the transition to Python. For the groups who are more familiar with Python, we’ll be learning new game design concepts to include in our Python games before coding our HTML project portfolios.

With more groups starting this week, it’s going to be a creative couple of months!

We’ve Broken Your Software, Sir

I was recently interviewed by the nice people over at TeachPitch. They wanted to find out more about the projects behind my TED talk and discover how I engage my pupils in my workshops. You can read the full interview here.

“It also teaches the pupils how to test what they make. I teach them how to trace their tests using trace tables. Being able to test software and document the outcomes is a good skill in itself. I can see that look on their faces when they do find something wrong with what I’ve written, ‘We’ve broken your software, Sir.’”

How Can We Help?

This week our school groups will be moving online for the foreseeable future and we look forward to continuing the great work everyone has been doing. Unfortunately due to the nature of some of the other workshops, it just wouldn’t be feasible hosting them online and I just want to thank the children and parents for being so understanding during this time.

As a parent myself, I am finding all the offers of remote learning and digital resources in all topics a little overwhelming at the moment, so First Coding has been looking at other ways to help.

We have been lending out our laptops to allow families to continue their schooling remotely after the recent closure of schools.

With a little more time on their hands, our older students are offering to help Salisbury independent businesses with a variety of skills such as setting up ecommerce on shops’ websites to designing posters. We couldn’t be more prouder of them and what a great way to work on their portfolio.