Digital Maker Badge – Stage 1

  1. Show that you know what a computer is and understand that there are lots of uses for digital technology in everyday life.
    Think about where you see computer systems and technology in your day-to-day life, and about how digital technology helps make things better or easier.
  2. Create a graphic for a computer game, app, or website. This could be a background scene, character, or other image.
  3. Write clear instructions for a computer or person to follow to complete a task.

The Game

Click here to play the game

Your Mission

  1. There are a lot of different computers and devices that we use very day, can you think of five electronic devices you’ve seen/used today? Write about how the game is played on a computer, a tablet and a phone. and explain how each device is different. What device did you find the easiest to play the game on and why.
  2. Create an image for a poster that advertises the game using Scratch/Paint/Photoshop/etc. Think about how you can grab people’s attention and make any wording easy to read.
  3. Write out instructions on how to play the game for someone who’s never played the game before, to follow. What is the aim of the game? How do they score points? What are the controls?