I hope everyone is enjoying what remains of the summer break. I have been keeping myself busy with a bit of Game Boy game development and after two months of work I have something that resembles a working game.

Squirrel Falls is inspired by Animal Crossing, combining town interaction with a role as a parcel courier. As you play, you discover that the townsfolk despise squirrels, and the parcels you’ve been delivering actually contain parts for a machine meant to exterminate squirrels. To thwart this, you begin secretly sabotaging deliveries to prevent the machine from working. Despite your efforts, the machine is built but malfunctions, resulting in mutant flesh-eating squirrel zombies. The game’s finale involves your struggle to escape the now perilous Squirrel Falls.

I have always been grateful to the pupils who have tested my games in the past. If you would like to play test this game, you don’t need a Game Boy to play it, just click on this link: https://rustyrocket.itch.io/squirrel-falls