The latest series of game design workshops have got off to a great start this term. The sessions teach young game designers effective methods of producing engaging games. First Coding decided to use the techniques taught in these game design workshops and set out to see how far we could get with a game of our own.

Well, we’ve got pretty far. A puzzle game was made and tested a great deal by our amazing pupils and continuously refined until we were happy with a version of the final game. It was entered in a European game design competition, Serious Games Showcase and Challenge Europe, and it’s recently been announced that our game Number Station has made the final!

There are six finalists all battling it out next month for first place.

First prize is a paid trip to the US to visit one of their game dev events and the judging of the final entries is next month. The finalist event is being held in Bristol and our game Number Station has been given a booth to help show off the game as well as First Coding having to give a presentation in front of a large audience, over a thousand people I’ve been told and it’ll be televised too. So the race is on to build props for the booth and work has already started.

The plan is to make the game available for all to play after the event. Here’s a showreel of what to expect.