The First Coding Podcast

The First Coding Podcast

The First Coding podcast is a regular show covering a multitude of topics designed to help teachers and educators.

Episode Five: Running Competitions

In this episode of the First Coding Podcast the topic of competitions is discussed. Drawing on his own personal experiences, Jez talks about the benefits of running a coding competition whilst also highlighting the difficulties he’s faced with some of his recent attempts.

Episode Four: My #SideProject talk

First Coding’s first video podcast! As First Coding gets invited to give talks in schools, we thought it would be nice to talk about one of our most popular talks titled #SideProject. The talk is designed to inspire children and teens of all ages to get creative in their own time whilst learning about the adventures some of our projects have taken us on.

Episode Three: Project adventures with the Secret Code Machine.

It’s story time here on the First Coding podcast as Jez talks about how a simple question from one of his younger pupils led him on a mission to build the unbreakable code. The Scratch project mentioned in this episode can be found here. The final app from this story can be found in the Play store for free here.

Episode Two: It doesn’t take the latest hardware to deliver a great lesson.

First Coding had very little hardware when starting out and in this episode Jez talks about how he sourced the laptops for the sessions at low cost, whilst exploring different ways to organise his classes when hardware is limited.

Episode One: You don’t need to be an expert to run successful coding lessons.

Jez Whitworth, the co-founder of First Coding introduces himself and talks about how with his background in training and software development, identified a real need to teach coding to the younger generations. He also offers tips on how people who have little or no experience in teaching coding can become computer coding educators like himself and appeals for ideas on how best to encourage more girls to take up the subject.