The current lockdown situation has seen all First Coding classes move online for the foreseeable future. As there are no trips to the classrooms or our Salisbury offices being made, we’ve got a little extra time on our hands as a result. We’ve been putting this time to good use by assisting in the production of PPE for the NHS.

First Coding had access to a 3d printer but didn’t know where to go from there. Luckily there are a number of organisations coordinating the huge task of printing protective visors for front line staff and so after registering with 3D Crowd UK we introduced ourselves to the online community.

The group was so welcoming and helpful and it wasn’t long before they were instructing us on the best way to approach the task. So far First Coding has managed to print over 200 PPE components comprising of headbands, shield reinforcers and ear savers. They all get quality checked before being sent a central hub, where they get distributed around the country to places that require them.

When we make it through the Covid situation, I would like to think that the sense of community that people and groups have shown remain. I think the Wiltshire group as well as the others all around the country have done an amazing job in producing face shields for front line workers. If you or your school has access to a 3d printer, it is really important that as many people as possible register their printers to help, so please consider doing so.