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It’s here in the Hub that you’ll find a huge range of lesson plans as well as monthly doses of inspiration to aid in the teaching of computing within schools and the home. The majority of the resources are based around the visual programming language of Scratch. If you’re new to Scratch and want to find out more then please check out our Scratch cheat sheet here.

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Let’s Build Rockets!

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This is a simple project that is designed to introduce children to the basic concepts of animation within Scratch. Children will build their rocket that appears to fly through the air at great speed and can be easily modified should children wish to improve it. There is a working model and PowerPoint presentation to accompany this project.

Controls to Please Everyone

Every month we’re featuring a different element of game design. This month we’re looking at player controls in our games. The most intuitive controller keys to use are the arrow keys but every now and then they’ll be a keen gamer who will expect to control their sprite using the WASD keys.

Regardless of player preferences, it’s best to accommodate all and so the conditions in our IF statements need to reflect this as shown below.

Selling the Weather

Download Working Example

First Coding was able to assist with the designing of a couple of lessons aimed at assisting students develop an idea they had to help them develop their Python skills.
The students wanted to come up with a solution to help retailers who best sell their products in areas where it rains. If the retailers know what areas in the country are experiencing rain, then they can set up a series of Facebook adverts to target said areas. We think this is an excellent project.

In the Advanced section of the First Coding resources there was a script to query the Open Weather API and based on this the students were able to build their own program for retailers to use. The final version scans various points across the British Isles and reports back a basic description of the current weather condition. Retailers are then able to target their advertising on the rainy areas.

Game Design Book

I have been so impressed over the last few months at the standard of work coming out of the various clubs and courses run by First Coding. I’ve always wanted to give the students further direction with regards to their creativity and coding, so I hit the ground running this year and after a great deal of hard work have produced this 24 page booklet on game design and distribution.

It’s free to First Coding subscribers. If you would like a PDF copy, then please email hello@firstcoding.co.uk.


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