First Coding course packs are a subscription based online resource for primary and secondary school teachers as well as parents to aid in the teaching of computing within schools and the home.

With computing being taught in schools to pupils as young as five, many schools are finding it difficult to provide in-depth computer lessons with some teachers having not received sufficient training. First Coding resource packs will help reduce this pressure by providing a wealth of comprehensive tutorials, examples and lesson plans all within a friendly and supportive environment.

What’s included?

Resource packs are divided into three sections: Beginner (suitable for primary school level), Introductory (for 10 – 14 years) and Advanced (15 years+). Each level includes:

  • Complete and clear lesson plans,¬†accompanied by pupil handouts to help you deliver fun and informative lessons confidently.

  • All accompanying handouts are colourful and clear and test pupils’ programming knowledge even when a computer isn’t available.

  • A help surgery providing email support for any issues or queries you might have.


  • Reduced planning and preparation time

  • Allows teachers and parents to get up to speed on their children’s interests

  • Easily adaptable to the classroom environment

  • Allows teachers to mould the courses to suit their needs

We’re very nearly there with providing these resources. To stay up to date and to receive notifications of when our resource packs are ready, please complete the simple form below.