Scratch Resources and Activities

These activities are suitable for KS2 students and above. They all use Scratch though the majority of screenshots are taken from version 2. Scratch is an fun, free and accessible package designed to teach young coders the basics of coding, before they progress to more complex languages like Python.

Coding activity sheets:

Scratch – Amazing Mazes

Scratch – Buttons and Sound

Scratch – Chatbot

Scratch – Drawing and Animation

Scratch – Funny Name Generator

Scratch – Snake

Scratch – Space Invaders

Scratch – Turtle Drawing

Scratch – Variables


Scratch – Variable Worksheet

Scratch – Variable Worksheet Answers

Working Examples:

Scratch – Variables

Scratch – Rock, Paper, Scissors

PowerPoint Presentations:

Scratch – Variables Presentation

Scratch – Maze Presentation

Scratch – Space Invaders Presentation