Sega recently hosted a game design competition and First Coding developed a game to enter. To demonstrate the power of Scratch and to highlight the many capabilities of the software, an arcade game was built using Scratch and submitted. The game achieved third place which is remarkable considering the Scratch creation was pitched against some pretty big hitters including experienced Unity developers. The interesting part was that this game was packaged up as an independent game, and so there were no indications that it was built using block-based programming! This is something that First Coding teaches in a our Scratch classes – how to package up and distribute the games we make.

This little game did really well with Sega awarding it third place! This just goes to show where a good idea can take you and that the reason why First Coding invests so much time in Scratch is to help pupils get from it, allowing them to bring their creations to life. Be sure to check out our new Saturday Scratch workshops starting next week here.

Never underestimate Scratch’s potential.