Help with Scratch 3

The latest version release has the majority of features that we’re all use to but there are some great new additional features too. The more time spent using Scratch 3, the more familiar you’ll become with the new layout. First Coding is always on hand to assist with any Scratch 3 queries, just drop us a line here detailing the problem or request a one-to-one video call.

The online resources to assist teachers and educators with the new Scratch is currently limited, though it is growing. There are a couple of a really helpful Facebook communities that we would recommend. The first is Teaching with Scratch ( We’ve found this community to be one of the most friendliest and supportive, no matter what level you’re teaching. It’s a big thumbs up from First Coding.

The second is the Programming in Scratch – Teacher Group ( which is a great place for educators to raise any questions they have regarding the teaching of Scratch to children.

Finally, there is also an updated version of one of our favourite books that we can’t recommend enough. This book walks you through the important concepts of computer programming using Scratch before hand-holding you through the transition to Python code. You can check it out in the Amazon store here.

Don’t Forget…

Help is never far away when you’re a First Coding subscriber. If you have a problem with organising lessons or have a coding query that you’re struggling with, then drop us a line using the form below. Alternatively you can check out our new forum page to see if your question has already been answered here.