Superhero Month: The Invisible Maze

I’m laying down a challenge for Superhero Month. Spider-Man finds himself trapped in an invisible maze and needs your help to guide him out. See if you can use the arrow keys to direct him through the maze towards the star. If you touch any of the walls you’ll be made to restart the maze, so you’ll need to make good use of all your spidey senses. You can check out the game here:

First Coding - Spider-Man's Invisible Maze

Spy Month: Maze Game

We have a maze challenge for you this time. Controlling the red block using the arrow keys, can you navigate the maze to reach the gold coin whilst avoiding touching the walls or moving grey blocks?

This game incorporates randomness with the grey obstacles making a random decision as to what turn to take when they reach a wall. This means that every attempt of the game is different. You can also take a look at the blocks used to make this game, how can this game be improved?

Play the game here:

Did you know we cover game design in our Introductory course? Why not take a look:

First Coding - Spy Month Maze Game

Spy Month: The Secret Code Machine

Spy Month continues with the Secret Code Machine, a great little Caesar Cipher built in Scratch to help keep your secret messages a secret.

It was a little tricky at first to work out how it was to function but like I’ve always told my pupils, if they can explain a concept clearly in plain English then building a project is made a great deal easier.

Incoming message…

gsv ivw ulc uorvh zg nrwmrtsg

The nice thing about the Secret Code Machine is that you can cut and paste the encoded messages into emails etc to send to people. Works best on laptops or desktop machines.

First Coding Spy Month - The Secret Code Machine

Spy Month

We will shortly be posting theme related projects and ideas for people of all ages and abilities to get stuck in and have a go on our Facebook page. There should be something for everyone to enjoy so keep popping back to our page to see what December brings. Click here to be taken to our Facebook Page.

December’s theme is all about Spies and we’ve already put together some fun and creative projects to share with you. If you fancy setting us a challenge, then why not suggest a spy related idea for us to attempt.

First Coding Spy Month - December 2017