Satchel Classes

First Coding is very pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting coding classes on the Satchel platform. Satchel are the people behind Show Your Homework, something that a number of pupils and parents might be familiar with.

First Coding’s first class was on game design with the key takeaways being as follows:

  • How to push yourself creatively when coding.

  • The best approach to starting a portfolio of work.

  • Ways to get involved with the game dev community and get your game noticed

If you’re interested, the class can be viewed here.

Satchel Classes

STEM Talks

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to the sixth formers at Bishop Wordsworth’s yesterday about computing as part of their STEM day. I talked about a number of my projects including hacking a Furby to read my emails and even the students who don’t take computing as a subject were asking how do they start coding fun projects like mine. I really hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

STEM Talks Bishops Salisbury