Computer Science: Real World Talks

I was kindly asked to talk at the Wessex Partnership’s Computer Science Real World talk this week.  I talked about how the benefits of personal projects and how taking the bold step of engaging with the maker community can open doors to some nice unexpected surprises.

I loved how all the presentations flowed nicely into one another and all coincidentally highlighted a couple of common themes. I was also very pleased to present in front of such a keen and engaging audience who I hope went home with heads overflowing with encouragement and ideas.

Adventures in Coding

The presentation I give to KS2 children is all about how programming isn’t just restricted to the computer in your home, it can be applied in many other exciting areas.

First Coding - Adventures in Coding Presentation

To illustrate this, I talk to pupils about a small project of mine that allowed me to go on and meet Star Wars actors and other childhood heroes. People who create are always held back by the thought that their ideas aren’t good enough and I’ve seen this a great deal lately. Trust me, if my little idea that started out as a simple Scratch project sent me on a wonderful mini adventure, there is absolutely no reason why yours can’t too.

If you think a primary school would benefit from a visit and a talk from myself then please drop me a line at