App Design Talks

First Coding was approached by Satchel, the people behind the Show My Homework platform and asked to host a series of talks designed to show pupils how to develop applications for smartphones.

The talks were suitable for all abilities,┬ácovering everything from the basics, to building your first app, before looking at ways to distribute your projects via the app stores. Hopefully students have realised that it’s not as difficult as they initially thought and are encouraged to start developing their ideas this summer.

It was also really nice to be invited to talk again after such a long break due to everything going on in the word at the moment.

Satchel Classes

First Coding is very pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting coding classes on the Satchel platform. Satchel are the people behind Show Your Homework, something that a number of pupils and parents might be familiar with.

First Coding’s first class was on game design with the key takeaways being as follows:

  • How to push yourself creatively when coding.

  • The best approach to starting a portfolio of work.

  • Ways to get involved with the game dev community and get your game noticed

If you’re interested, the class can be viewed here.

Satchel Classes

TEDx Talks in Salisbury

I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to talk at next month’s TEDx event here in Salisbury. I will be talking about ways to use code creatively whilst showcasing First Coding and a few of its projects. I have always wanted to say “Thank you for coming to my TED talk” and now I can!