Workshop Notes


Ideas Generator:

Points to consider:

  1. Choose one mechanic and build your idea for your game around that. Make sure it works!
  2. Make sure your game is easy to learn how to play. Usually the first level is a tutorial on how to play the game.
  3. Give your player a clear mission to aim for in your game.
  4. Make your game challenging but not impossible to play.
  5. Make sure there are regular rewards and things to collect throughout your game.
  6. Have fun!


To package up your Scratch games to make them into standalone games, we use a website called Turbowarp.

Turbowarp Packager:

Here is a short video on how to package your games the easy way!


Once you’ve packaged up your game, you can now publish it for other people to play online. The best site to use is one called Itch. Once you have created a free account you can upload and publish your game. You must be 13 or older to upload games to Itch.



The itch website also allows you to charge for your game or ask for donations (which I find is the better option) allowing you to easily monetise your latest games.


Gaming Club

Did you know that First Coding has a Gaming Club? Every month, club members receive a new game to play in your browser whilst also receiving Scratch files for a version of that month’s game, allowing you to fully customise and make the project your own. For more information, click here: