At First Coding, we offer comprehensive coding lessons designed for children aged 7 to 15. Our engaging and creative environment focuses on teaching the fundamental programming concepts. Through this approach, we lay the foundation for your child to nurture their imaginative ideas while progressively gaining confidence in the world of computing.

“I cannot recommend Jez highly enough. He tutored my son who found his sessions interesting, fun and wanting to learn more.”

Ready to Make Great Games?

We introduce children to coding using Scratch, a visual programming tool. This serves as a stepping stone to venturing into Python, a widely-used programming language. As your child’s confidence flourishes, they will relish the experience of transforming their ideas into tangible projects. Amidst the excitement of learning, our educational programs align with the curriculum, equipping your child with essential lifelong skills.

“Jez is an excellent teacher! He’s so patient and enthusiastic, I can’t recommend himself and First Coding enough!!!”

Bring First Coding to Your School

Here at First Coding our service speaks for itself, so we work on recommendation. If you like what you’ve seen then consider recommending us to your school for one of our FREE interactive talks about our coding projects and discussions on how First Coding can help bring coding to the classroom. Download our headteacher’s letter.

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